Towonda Kilpatrick Playwright

Award-winning playwright, producer, and filmmaker, Towonda Kilpatrick, has the green light to adapt her new stage play, Dignity, into a film. Mental illness among African American women is the focus of this searing piece. The stigma of mental illness suffered by women in the African American community elicits a code of silence. Help is not sought, and the secrecy must stop.

Kilpatrick interviewed over 100 women who shared their most intimate struggles with mental health. She learned about the pain experienced by family members and friends who do not know how to cope. Their stories became the impetus for writing the stage play, Dignity. Kilpatrick recognizes the damage that staying silent has done and believes a new era of openness must begin. Women have died because they were ashamed to seek counseling. How many more are allowing a silent shame to kill them? Dignity will feature Atlanta’s most talented and courageous actresses and women. “Black Girl Magic” is on display with the African American cast, director, doctor, and designers. All are partnering with zeal to raise awareness of mental illness among African American women.

Kilpatrick crosses easily between the roles of playwright and screenwriter. After 25 years, her portfolio of original projects is rich with productions guided by her creative talents. Adept at both screenplays and live theater (comedy, drama, and musicals), Kilpatrick also has extensive experience in concept development.

Kilpatrick’s work includes: the national tour of the gospel stage play, Can a Hoochie Become First Lady; productions of Mama, I’m Your Child; Atlanta’s Rialto Theater Production of Damaged Goods; and the musical CheezeCake Boiz & the Diva. Currently, Towonda Kilpatrick has her comedy series pilot entitled THEM on Amazon Prime Video for viewership. Moreover, she is in development of a film project entitled hussie while working on the stage version of Dignity.

Kilpatrick was born and raised in Marvell, Arkansas. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA and is the Creative Writer/CEO of 12:53 Entertainment and TKO Originals.

Kilpatrick has been recognized by Atlanta Business League as Creative, Real Times Media’s list of Who’s Who in Black Atlanta, National Content Writers for Urban Women and recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential Women in Georgia.