The Goal

Raise awareness about the stigma of mental illness and stop the shamed silence of African American women.

The secrecy must stop

The Story

Dignity tells the story of the stigma and judgement that prevents African American women from seeking treatment for their mental illness. Set in Hotlanta, “The City Too Busy to Hate,” a group of classy, dignified women hold their secrets close.  Disclosing to the world their struggles to stay sane is too intimidating – too overwhelming – too risky.  They know their bizarre inner-selves will inevitably be judged by the community.  Concealment, however, is equally as risky.

We Ask: Do you know the Symptoms?

Perhaps you or someone you know exhibits one or more of the following:  excessive worry or fear; excessive sadness or down moods; prolonged feelings of irritability or anger; avoidance of friends, family, or social activities to the point of reclusiveness; pronounced changes in sleeping habits, constant weariness, low energy, and/or changes in sex drive.

Has it become difficult to perceive reality?  Are there delusions or hallucinations that are outside the norm of objective reality?  Did you know mental illness can lead to substance abuse?  Is there excessive use of alcohol or drugs?  Are there thoughts of suicide?  Is there a deep feeling of despair?  What will my friends and loved ones think?  Can I be happy again?  Will I have dignity?

The Call

How many more are allowing a silent shame to kill them?
Dignity will feature Atlanta’s most talented and courageous women.
We are ready to bring awareness to the stigma of mental illness and encourage anyone struggling to seek help – immediately.

Silence has done enough damage