Born in Panama raised in Brooklyn and currently a resident of Georgia, Digna was better known as Fancy has humbly worked her way through the closets of quite a few fashionistas and designers. Fancy prides her self on helping other designers while gradually working on her line Strictly Editorial. With plenty of opportunities as well as closed doors under her belt she still manages to be noticed amongst the finest. With her stand-out style, down-to-earth personality and professionalism she manages to stay afloat. Being a wife and a mom of 5 has not stopped her from excelling in the world of Fashion.

Custom clothing, fashion show production, wardrobe consulting, styling, manufacturing, home décor, fashion design, clothing reconstruction, and product development, are all amongst her many creative talents. Fancy is fascinated by the process of creating, making something from nothing. If she has an idea in her head and her soul, she feels it’s her job to bring it to fruition, to make it happen. Fancy Lewis has made many connections, and with her determination, she will make her next opportunity the breakthrough needed to become a household name.