Dr. Nicole Haig MD, MBA is a mother of four and a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician who has practiced medicine for eighteen years. She has had a diverse career as a clinician, administrator, professor, and lecturer. Dr. Nicole has received multiple humanitarian & philanthropist, women’s empowerment, and community service awards for her unwavering commitment to giving.

Dr. Nicole does mission work in the US and abroad. She also volunteers her time working with students from the elementary through college level with multiple organizations, including the Special Olympics. Dr. Nicole is an entrepreneur and author. She is in the middle of three book projects slated for release in 2019. Based on her passion to teach people to take better care of themselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially, she created The Pulse, a multimedia company with the same focus.

Dr. Nicole has appeared on The Amazing Race, Untold Stories of the ER, Sex Brought Me to the ER, and Complications.